Since May 2017, Moda Society has quickly developed an international reputation for showcasing and making available fashion collections, to the world. With an aim to transcend traditional retail expectations, we provide a contemporary and innovative approach to an online retail experience.

Moda Society proudly boasts a very social approach to retail fashion. Models and brand ambassadors work closely with our buying and curating team. We are continuously working with designers from around the world to provide a collection of pieces which are current and unique to our brand.

Moda Society also has a range of clothing and high end designer pieces available for hire. We make the luxury fashion experience available to anyone who appreciates the finer things. Our hire collection is constantly growing as new pieces flow in from private contributors. Our current range includes pieces from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and more.

All aspects of the business are run in-house: order handling, deliveries, photography, promotions, website design and social media.